Data Administrator III

Sep 21, 2021


Our company will require that an Enterprise Data (Governance/Catalog) Administrator be responsible for the implementation of a metadata management solution (Alex Solutions) to support an organization-wide data catalog and data governance activities and will have responsibility for uplifting the management of data across the enterprise. The position will focus on implementation of this Data Platform for workforce productivity with data and ensure alignment with the Data Governance framework.

The Enterprise (Data Catalog) Administrator is responsible for implementing solutions for (i) collection of disparate data products; (ii) ensuring, data quality and protection issues as well as work closely with Business, Functional, and Technical area leadership to improve the quality and value of core data assets, (iii) respond to regulatory protection requirements as well as support the strategic requirements of the department.

Key Responsibilities:
Implement best practice frameworks / implementation artifacts to support organization of data assets and metadata to help data professionals collect, organize, access, and enrich metadata to support data discovery and governance.
Ability to prioritize workloads and priorities for the team
Strong stakeholder management across IT and the Business
Help define, implement, and improve enterprise data ownership/stewardship frameworks
Strong attention to detail and quality – understanding the data, not just processing data
Contribute to the improvement of theData Governance Framework (Policies, Standard, Workflows) and how this supports/integrates with the operate and maintain model as well as project activities.
Implement and support ongoing management of the enterprise Data Catalog (Alex Solutions)
Management of the Alex Solutions Ontology configuration and implementation of solution design and integration to support the organization’s ongoing data management needs
Implement adoption programs of the Alex Solutions platform to support the organization’s current and future data related use cases
Functional solution design to make use of the Alex Solutions Data Catalog to support relevant business and technology use cases
Data Curation to ensure that the Data Catalog has up to date and accurate information
Integrate the Alex Solutions Data Catalog with the organization’s data landscape including connecting and scanning from various source systems.
Desired Skills:
A strong communicator and a great listener, enabling you to understand the stakeholder’s primary requirements
Solid understanding of Data Management and Data Governance frameworks
Solid technical background and hands-on experience with data management, Data Warehousing, ETL from/to a variety of on premise & Cloud based systems (Mainframe, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, AWS services, Airflow, DBT), analytics.
Understanding of data storage technologies and platforms including RDBMS, NoSQL and unstructured (BLOB).
Understanding of platforms and system topologies, such as on-premise and cloud platforms, network domains, security and firewalls and application APIs.
Understanding of data access technical and user requirements including reporting, analytical and machine learning
Solid understanding of data modelling concepts (conceptual, logical, physical), data catalogue and business glossaries.
Understanding of data governance and stewardship in relation to data quality, security, privacy and business curation.
Understanding of business domain and organizational structures.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
Hands-on experience with SQL, scripting languages
Alex Solutions Administration skills – RBAC, user management and Ontology design
Alex Solutions Hub Agent Installation and configuration
SAML integration with Alex Solutions
Alex Solutions Backup / Restore experience
Source system scanning e.g. Oracle, SQL Server
Data Curation within the Alex Solutions platform
Alex Solutions Scanner Output and Lineage validation
Fine-grained Lineage analysis


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