Data Administrator IV

Sep 23, 2021

Job Summary:

The candidate filling this Lead Data Administrator position will deliver flexible data model solutions that translate business requirements and commitments into high performance databases that are scalable as well as identify and populate key Company-wide Subject Areas, business rules, and metadata within the Corporate Data Dictionary. The Lead DA implements and enforces data design standardization during SDLC and produces high quality deliverables such as conceptual/logical/physical data models, project plans, technical reports, and standards documentation.

Needs to possess a diverse and extensive technical DBMS background, with considerable experience in conceptual and physical database design, DBMS tools, cloud based applications, Business Intelligence and data warehousing
Expert knowledge of CASE tools (specifically Erwin ) and the complete application development life cycle is also required
Ability to lead project teams including, operations, application developers and vendors, to deliver high quality data architecture solutions.
Ability to express complex technical concepts effectively, both verbally and in writing
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order to interact with clients, customers, vendors, and technical staff, both orally and in writing
Ability to work well with people from many different disciplines with varying degrees of technical expertise.
Strong leadership and organizational skills: experience in planning, negotiation, decision making, problem analysis, and resolution.
Preferred Qualifications:
3 years Erwin & Erwin Mart Data Modeling
7-10 years IT experience
Additional Preferred Skill Requirements:
Knowledge of Testing/Assessment Services Business Models
Exposure to Data Lake design and implementation
Implementation of Master Data & Reference Data Architecture
SQL Server MDS
The ideal candidate will be responsible for:
Develop, design, and document top quality data models using Erwin.
Strong data modeling and database design concepts are a must have.
Some familiarity with PowerDesigner is helpful.
Ability to facilitate JAD sessions and develop mutually acceptable database designs.
Provides top level expertise in data management and data modeling in support of end user groups on multiple concurrent, diverse projects.
Constructs and maintains complex data models (e.g., entity/relationship (primarily), multi-dimensional, object-oriented).
Translates data/business needs into data model/architecture solutions which will convert into high performing and scalable databases.
Works directly with users to resolve data conflicts and inappropriate data usage, and to advise them of corporate data standards and policies.
Organizes and facilitates information gathering sessions in the areas of application scope and analysis, using data modeling techniques.10. Identifies opportunities for reuse of data across the enterprise.
Participates in the development of physical models in cooperation with application development staff and the assigned DBA.
Populates and references the Corporate Data Dictionary during any development activity.
Develops and maintains DBMS related standards and procedures, knows where they are located, and makes full use of them. Follows software development processes.
Develops and maintains positive relationships with business partners.
Leads the activities of small groups of Data Administrators, Database Administrators and Application Developers, developing project plans, monitoring progress, and resolving issues regarding existing and new initiatives.
Identifies and supports quality improvement initiatives.
Performs other assignments to comply with the IT corporate purpose and mission to add business value, increase revenue, decrease costs, improve productivity, and support the strategic initiative/directive.
Complies with all security and audit standards.
Demonstrates the value of DMS specialties to application development organizations by word and deed. Ability to influence development organizations to comply with database best practices and database standards and practices


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