Director Business Transformation

Sep 30, 2021

Position Summary:

This role provides strategic leadership, guidance and development expertise to assigned areas of IT. This role acts as a main point of contact, communicating effectively with senior management, clients and across the organization to act as a strong advocate and steward for the IT division. The director role calls for an innovative manager with a clear vision who is willing to take the right risks, display leadership to the development teams and negotiate effectively on behalf of the IT division to obtain results. The Director has a broad effect across the landscape from an organizational perspective and leverages the role through positive, productive interactions across various levels and partners both cross-functionally and internally. The Director strategically develops and oversees a staff of both exempt and non-exempt employees, providing innovative direction, timely coaching, planning and objectives to the team. The Director may also manage contractors assigned to IT teams. Additionally, this role provides financial management expertise by developing the annual budget and ensuring that all work falls within the guidelines of the approved budget.

The IT Director for the domain will be responsible for the product development and maintenance function. The organization continues to transform into a more agile organization and the IT Director will benefit from having significant experience in working with agile development teams along with prior transformative experience in organizational change. This person must not only understand the tactics of how-to best flow value and pivot when necessary in an agile environment, but must motivate others to work with more agile principles by demonstrating the “wins” behind those tactics.

What You Will Bring:
Financial Acumen: Possess an understanding of financial management, including financial models, expense analyses, cost benefit analyses, financial tools, and the ability to conduct insightful financial analyses
Technological Acumen: Possess an understanding of the technical implementation and architecture of the tech component needed to deliver Software.
Business Acumen: Understanding of the functionality and business value provided by the existing products. Keeps an overall big picture understanding of the business and its interrelationships enabling a person to make better business decisions.
Relationship Management: Able to build relationships, to efficiently and effectively form and lead teams of people to conceptualize possible implementation solutions and generate corresponding estimates. To develop and manage long-term and/or trusting relationships with internal or external customers, areas where a relationship is crucial to on-going success. Doesn’t show frustration when resisted or blocked.
Analytical Skills: Reviewing quantitative (financial) or conceptual problems and situations, and drawing appropriate and valid conclusions from data presented, sifting through data to determine the most significant elements. Identifying common elements and themes in situations and actions; recognizing cause and effect relationships.
Problem Solving: Define the problem, can see hidden problems, searches for information, uses logic to test a series of solutions until the problem is solved. Understands where to probe for answers, uses critical thinking, analysis and persistence.
Consultative Skills: The capability to influence others, manage relationships and deliver results for a client in a professional manner.
Relates well to all kinds of people, inside and outside the organization; builds appropriate rapport; builds constructive and effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact; can diffuse even high tension situations comfortably.
Communication: Effectively converse with all levels and be able to clearly and concisely document the scope of the project, proposed implementation solution and resultant cost estimate. The ability to communicate clearly, diplomatically and effectively both verbally and written


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