Full Stack JavaScript Developer (React/Node.JS)

Oct 9, 2021

Required skills:

• 5-10 years of software engineering experience
• Large Enterprise experience (bitbucket, jira, standups and devops)
• Experience designing, developing charting and visualization components using HighCharts, D3.js or similar libraries
• Experience building front-end components for commercial software product
• Experience with C#.NET and NodeJS (Express and Hapi), as well as SQL-like databases
• Experience developing server-side components necessary to connect with the front-end to deliver what the user needs=
• Experience collaborating with audiences of Creative, Project Management, and Account Management departments to brainstorm design/functionality, develop timelines, manage client expectations, and provide insight on what technologies can be utilized to deliver the desired results.

Interpersonal Skills:

• Ability to collaborate in a team environment, however possesses the ability to work independently and autonomously deliver on objectives.
• Experienced gathering requirements, developing, and architecting applications and solutions
• Able to have a change of mind, and able to change the minds of others
• Writes clearly and concisely, exceptional communication skills
• Capable of working without a company office, on a fully remote team


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