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A client of Dale WorkForce Solutions is looking for a Mainframe Operator contractor for a 12 month assignment. In the role of the Mainframe Operator, will provide assistance and backup to personnel of the Data Center. Work involves: operation of the mainframe server and related equipment, monitoring adherence to schedules, submitting and editing on-line job requests, and preparing job-related reports. Assignments require evaluative thinking and thorough knowledge of principles and operation of the client’s information systems’ Data Center in order to produce results on schedule and in good form. Performance is evaluated periodically in conference.


1. Plans and coordinates information systems’ activities so that optimum use of equipment is attained; monitors and controls an Information Processing System and related peripheral equipment; of computers and control functions; sets up and operates computer system equipment according to program and operating instructions.

2. Observes equipment and progress of work for error indications; evaluates operational problems and/or program problems; resolves routine and unusual problems by such recovery procedures as console or program debugging.

3. Checks all incoming work for priority and establishes work schedule. Processes any new incoming work for users needing reports from their files. Returns all requested jobs and request sheets to include print-outs, tapes, logs, etc. to the Help Desk for distribution to the user departments. Maintains daily log of work processed on system.

4. Informs Computer Operations Supervisor of any system malfunction related to hardware and/or software, and contact service representatives as necessary.

5. Creates disk and tape back-ups for system files and user master files.

6. Works in conjunction with the necessary personnel for tape issues.

7. Select systems dumps on request for the staff and prints them from the previous day’s tapes.

8. Reviews operating procedures with programmers and recommends changes to enhance operations. Assists programmers in resolving applications problems; works with systems programmers to accomplish changes to systems.

9. Attends seminars and classes to keep updated of new equipment and techniques in the Information Systems’ area.

10. Critical Employee.

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