QA Automation Engineer III

Sep 27, 2021

The QA Automation Engineer Responsibilities:
Participate in the daily Scrum meetings
Participate in the planning/estimating of each sprint
Planning the testing strategies, methods for projects and customizing the testing as agreed by the SCRUM Team
Help create, shape, and monitor testing Strategies plans for scalability, functionality, and reusability
Create re-usable Testing User Stories and estimates
Implementing, executing and capturing testing results, tracking and entering of test defects, test strategies/test scripts/test cases/end of test/ ORR following the documented IT SDLC
DevOps/Agile process.
Responsible to provide metrics/daily status on testing progress and ensuring all automated reports used are accurate
Create, manage, and execute automation scripts based on approved demand
Responsible to define and manage the test data that is required
Responsible for all aspects of the test environment coordination and configuration and defect root cause analysis relation to the Test Environment.
Responsible for all aspects of the Test Tools administration and setup, e.g. workflow configuration and user access, email accounts, and related ticket resolution.
collaborate and work closely with DevOps Scrum Team members
Responsible to escalate to the ST Management Team
Responsible to coordinate and facilitate work of other ST DevOps team members that fall outside of the DevOps Scrum Team process Experience:
At least 5 to 7 years Automation experience
Participate in requirement discussions and document outcome in Jira / Confluence
Experience using SCM (SVN / GIT) to ensure automation scripts are properly version controlled
Ability to design and develop scalable, reliable and data driven automation test scripts
Understanding of object-oriented design techniques
Experience in Jira, Confluence and Jenkins
Experience in cross web browser testing
Extensive experience as a Quality Control professional, or some experience is Quality Control along with experience in another technical position (e.g., Sysadmin, Engineer, Architect, etc.
Hands on Experience with using automated testing tools such as Sahi, Selenium, Watij, Watir, Appium
Experience working in a DevOps/Agile Scrum Team
Knowledgeable of the DevOps/Agile Scrum Team testing and development methodologies, tools, and processes
Java, TestNG, Web Services, XML, Unix, GitHub, REST API Testing, Python, Selenium Hub, Grid2, SQL/ scripting, and Test Harness.
Demonstrable web, embedded, or physical installation project experience
Experience with Test-Driven, or Behavior-Driven design methodologies • Excellent written and oral communication skills as well as interpersonal skills
Excellent time-management and task/effort estimation skills.
Additional Nice to have skills:
Running Automation Testing as a stage from Jenkins Declarative CICD Pipeline.
Testing OAuth protected RESTful API endpoints authored using OpenAPI Spec
Serverless – AWS API Gateway/NodeJS Lambda accessing DynamoDB
Docker Containers – Spring Boot based API endpoints accessing PostgreSQL
Testing Pure JS (AngularJS) /HTML frontend.
Testing Event Driven data transfer exposed as a SQS Q.
SQS – Lambda – Destination (DynamoDB/Elasticsearch or Application Web Service)
Testing Event subscription via a messaging service
SNS/SQS – SNS – SQS – Lambda – Destination.
Kafka – Publishing events and subscribing/processing events to destination
Testing Sync of Transactional Data into Analytics/Search platform (DynamoDB à Elasticsearch using DDB Streams)
Testing Reports served from AWS Elasticsearch/S3 or any other reporting/analytics platform
Testing Batch Job deployed on AWS Batch as Docker Containers. Eg: –
Testing delimited file created from DynamoDB.
Testing data loaded into DynamoDB tables from delimited file.
Compare file outputs generated by different processes (legacy vs new APMOD code).
Trigger test case creation (if doesn’t exist) in JIRA from the automation test case written.
Trigger test case execution/cycle in JIRA once the test cases are run within the pipeline thus providing the test automation results report.
If #1 cannot be automated, how can we save time on creating those test cases in JIRA while focusing more on actually scripting those automation test cases. i.e. some sort of traceability.


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