UI/UX Software Designer III

Sep 23, 2021

Responsible for designing and / or evaluating moderately complex assessment and learning applications or application elements that are visually engaging, accessible, and easy to use. Working closely with senior designers, the applicant will develop storyboards and prototypes to convey the visual look and / or interface design of new assessments and applications. The applicant may also work closely with programmers to take the prototype or storyboards to a functioning application.

Basic Functions And Responsibilities:
Translate ideas from clients into visually engaging, accessible, and highly usable designs through audience and needs analyses.
Create storyboards and functional prototypes (all fidelity levels) for new assessment tasks that enable test takers to easily understand what the task is and how to use any interface tools required to complete the task.
Create functional prototypes for use in early usability studies, reducing initial development effort when possible.
Conduct usability studies or evaluations as needed to meet usability, accessibility, and / or visual standards.
On a consulting basis, assist other groups by providing user experience, accessibility, and / or digital design services.
Analyze existing applications and websites and redesign them to improve usability, digital design, and / or accessibility for diverse audiences and operational effectiveness.
Keep abreast of trends and latest research in human computer interaction, accessibility and assistive technology, and / or graphic design as well as usability and accessibility guidelines that change with evolving technologies.
Collaborate with programmers and designers, and outside consultants as needed, to ensure that the finished product adheres to the design vision and conforms to technical, accessibility, and architectural standards.
Prior experience creating guided tours, just-in-time instruction, or other implementations of instructional design.
Prior experience designing learning and assessment applications.
Prior experience creating apps, assets, or digital experiences for children and teens.
A Bachelor’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction, computer science, cognitive science, or a digital or web design field is highly desirable.
Three (3) or more years of professional experience in the design and / or evaluation of technology-based user experiences (e.g., usability, accessibility, visual design) is required.
Previous experience working with programmers is desirable, as is prior experience working with senior designers to ensure that designs support usability, accessibility, and / or visual appeal of end products.


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