User Interface (UI) Developer III

Oct 8, 2021

Job Summary:

Our client’s company was launched in 2020 and expands the application of its mission to advance quality and equity in education for learners worldwide by cultivating, and constantly reinforcing deep connections with users to develop AI-powered solutions that enable efficient, effective, and equitable teaching, learning, and assessment experiences. The capabilities and prototypes developed in the Labs will help our client to engage with learners early in their educational journey, support their learning progressions, and provide reliable insights to inform critical decision-making along the way.

Job Requirements:

• Senior-level proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, React with 7-8 years of experience developing world class user interfaces.
• Understanding of ReactJS and its core principles and at least two year of experience in building applications using React, VUE and/or Angular.
• Strong experience in application state management and store design like Redux and Saga.
• Experience in designing, developing and deploying web applications using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and familiarity with AWS services including Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB
• Knowledge of server-side programming languages and frameworks such as Node.js, Python and working with open source libraries
• Experience with Dev Ops- Infrastructure as Code, CI / CD, Test & Deployment Automation
• Strong plus: Experience building/deploying server-side applications and APIs with Node.js, as well as, experience integrating with APIs
• Understanding of authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments.
• Debugging skills and experience of automated testing platforms and unit tests; Experience writing and maintaining a test suite throughout a project’s lifecycle
• Strong expertise integrating UI with backend services. Experience in development of, and/or integration with web services and RESTful APIs
• Familiarity with Web Accessibility standards and technologies
• Strong analytical skills, problem solving aptitude and good communications skills; Well-developed communication skills and the ability to create diagrams and documents to convey technical solutions
• Experience developing mobile applications, and developing simulations and games using HTML5, Unity, React Native, or other technologies
• Basic knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes and or containers
• Mastery of web fundamentals, including vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS
• Experience working with popular frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue
• Understanding of CSS pre-processors such as LESS or SASS
• Experience with design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch and/or Invision


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