LinkedIn has revolutionized the way we search for jobs and build professional connections. For recruiters like myself, it’s an invaluable platform, offering a window into the vast world of potential candidates. But how do you ensure your profile stands out in a sea of professionals? Drawing from my experience, I’d like to offer a few insights to enhance your presence on LinkedIn:


1. Set your profile as “open to work”

  • By and large, recruiters, including myself, prioritize candidates who are actively seeking opportunities. This avoids reaching out to those content in their current roles.
  • Fear not about privacy: LinkedIn ensures this status isn’t publicly broadcasted. It’s visible only to those with linked in recruiter accounts. Plus, they’ve designed it to remain hidden from recruiters at your current company.

2. Detail your job roles, past and present

  • Keywords are pivotal. Recruiters often employ specific search strings to unearth the exact type of candidate needed.
  • For instance, if I’m on the hunt for a Java developer, I’ll input terms like “java” and “developer.” So, if someone has the title “Web Developer” but doesn’t mention their proficiency in Java, they might miss the cut in my search.
  • Consider this space as a concise version of your resume—a snapshot of your professional journey.

3. Expand your connections

  • When I execute a search, LinkedIn prioritizes showing those connected to me, whether as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree connections. A wider network can inadvertently boost your visibility, potentially resulting in more opportunities.

4. Regularly check your LinkedIn messages

  • As many LinkedIn profiles don’t display email addresses or phone numbers, recruiters, like myself, tend to reach out via InMail. Make it a habit to review these messages to ensure you don’t overlook potential offers.

5. Always have an updated resume on standby

  • If your LinkedIn profile piques a recruiter’s interest, they’ll likely request your detailed resume. Being prepared to send this promptly can greatly benefit your job search.

To wrap up, I genuinely hope these tips, straight from the recruiter’s desk, assist you in your job-seeking journey on LinkedIn. By incorporating these subtle changes, you can significantly enhance your visibility and open doors to new career opportunities.

Emma DiBella

IT Recruiter

Emma DiBella is an IT recruiting specialist with Dale Workforce Solutions.  Emma focuses on roles across IT specializations and has a keen eye for matching the right candidates with their ideal IT positions. Her in-depth industry knowledge, combined with her passion for building genuine relationships, has made her a trusted partner for both job seekers and employers.